Welcome to the world TRABECO!

“Spirit and taste of architecture, sensitivity to expectations, sense of volume, seduction by our creative space living solutions” are all traits that contributed to the success of our work. “

TRABECO, the strength of a national brand uniting regional builders. With the active participation of our manufacturers, we have built TRABECO signature and we have established ourselves as the market leader in the custom house.

With his experience, with more than 2,000 homes built each year TRABECO strives to meet the demands of its customers.

Respect of your investment:

TRABECO respects your budget and guarantees you the best quality / price ratio. You will set an agreement with your dealer, the budget for your project. The budget is based on your expectations, your tastes and your needs.

All our dealers are committed to the construction contract in accordance with law of 19/12/1990. From the start of construction at the keys, you are assured that the contract will remain unchanged.

The quality of materials and finishes:

We selected only quality materials to provide you with all the comfort and security you need everyday. Our homes are built to last in time. Here are some of their features:

– A structure, frame and cover in the finest materials
– Reinforced insulation and adapted
– A glass thickness specifically engineered for the specific climates
– An economical heating with total comfort. TRABECO policy is also part of a sustainable development.

Partnerships are in place for ongoing research into the quality of materials and insulation power, in order to achieve quality production as part of an environmental consideration, and that meets the regulations.

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François Lecourtier<br />

François Lecourtier


Romain Lecourtier<br />
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Romain Lecourtier
Responsable commercial


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<em>Responsable technique</em>

Jean Louis Segura
Responsable technique


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